Full steam ahead! | 29-05-2022

I have been incredibly productive this week. Maybe it’s an effort to make up for the time I took off over the last month, but whatever the case I started and finished several projects this week.

The first of which were two Simpsons themed shirts. The Itchy and Scratchy one was made using my tried and true shirt pattern – McCall’s 6613. This time I made the front pocket from a contrasting fabric, a plain yellow cotton.

The second shirt I made was a Kwik-E-Mart inspired one. I took inspiration form Apu’s cardigan and worked it in to Charm Pattern’s Presley shirt design. This whole shirt idea came about because I came across a whole bunch of Kwik-E-Mart patches for clearance at my local Spotlight store.

As you can see, I’ve taken the white backdrop photo of each but I’m yet to take photos on a model. As soon as I do, they’ll be listed for purchase in the store.

The next project I completed was a Winnie the Pooh Tiki dress also using another Charm Pattern, The La’mour dress.

I actually started this dress a while back but got totally frustrated with it half way through and left it in my ‘to complete’ pile for months. I’m currently working through that pile and as this was on top, it finally got finished. You can read more about it here or even purchase it here.

I had a commission I worked on. A lady had sent me some vintage fabric that she wanted turned in to a Marilyn inspired sundress. I love how it turned out and was quite sad I couldn’t keep it for myself.

See more photos here.

My final project I completed this week were some Star Wars skirts which I made in a day to celebrate the release of Obi Wan series on Disney+. I’m yet to watch the episodes because I’ve had a busy couple of days but boy am I excited for it. You can read about them here or purchase them here.

As of today I’m working on another UFO (unfinished object). It’s a skirt that I started years ago, a Harry Potter house pennant skirt. I decided to take it apart so that I could add pockets to it and I should have it finished by this afternoon.

Once that’s done I’ll be working on both my Moana costume which I’ve entered into the Northland Bernina Fashion Awards and a Drumstrang uniform for my husband. Hopefully I’ll have some progress photos of each to share with you all next week.

Until then, happy crafting!

Kealy Ann x

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