Upgrades people! Upgrades! 4-9-2022

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on the bodice of my Sarah dress from Labyrinth. I’ve been using a altered version of McCall’s M7885 for the main body. Originally I was going to use Simplicity 1728 for the sleeves like I had done in my original 2016 version but my pattern that I had brought from Australia never turned up in time. So, I took apart an old Ariel costume that I had never finished because it was made using that sleeve pattern, traced it out and used that to make the sleeves.

Old bodice with the Simplicity 1728 sleeves

It was only after I had finished the bodice that I realized I wasn’t happy with the amount (or lack there of) poof in the sleeve. The following week, I did some research online for a better poofier sleeve pattern and came across a fellow Sarah dress maker who had used Truly Victorian 495. It really is the perfect sleeve for that 80s poof.

After the sleeve debacle, it was time to start adding all the sparkles to the top. I didn’t expect it to make it as heavy as it did. I’m now kinda worried about how much suitcase weight allowance it would take up if I ever travel internationally with her.

I also made my first ever bit of jewellery from scratch this week. After watching some tutorials on YouTube, I brought some supplies and tackled the necklace. For a first go, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m considering making the earrings now too.

Oh and in typical -this always happens to me- fashion, the Simplicity pattern turned up THE DAY I had finished everything. Oh well, into the immense pattern stash it goes. Hopefully it’ll come in handy in the future one day.

All that’s left now to do on the costume is make the headpiece thing, add the bag of goblin gems to the skirt and she’s done! I’m hoping to do the full reveal in this weeks YouTube video so go subscribe if you haven’t already!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kealy Ann x

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