Spooky “Strawberry Dress” | McCall’s M8108 + Vogue V9053

Background : It’s September, that means it’s Spooky season and I wanted to make a dress to celebrate the occasion!

Things used :

  • McCall’s M8108
  • Vogue V9053
  • 4m bat stretch mesh black
  • 3m green velvet ribbon
  • 1/5m black elastic


I’d made a shirt using this bat mesh before, a few years ago and thankfully, Spotlight still had it in stock. I brought 5 meters but only used around 3.5-4 to make the whole dress. When I had brought the fabric last time, it had been my intention to make a dress with it, but for what ever reason I made a bunch of shirts instead. So this time, I stuck to my initial plan of dress making.

I chose to make a version inspired by the infamous “Strawberry Dress” that I’d seen numerous times online. With that in mind, I ended up with two patterns to frankenstien together to make it work. I chose Vogue V9053 for the bodice portion and McCall’s M8108 for the sleeves and skirt.

I started by making the bodice section first. Because my fabric was stretchy, I omitted the need for a zipper in the back. I also changed the shape of the back neckline to be a “v” like the front. I added a ruffled trim made from the same mesh fabric along the neckline. I decided not tho have the centre front seam, figuring that the ruffles and tie system would provide the same function. Apart from those changes, it was sewn according to the rest of the instructions.

Next I added the sleeves from McCall’s M8108 view A. I made them as per the instructions, only sewing the elastic directly to the sleeve instead of adding a casing for it and then adding a gathering stitch along the top edge and easing it in to the arm hole of the bodice.

The skirt (McCall’s M8108 view a), was also made according to the instructions, though like the bodice, I omitted the back zipper and I cut the back panel out on the fold due to the stretch nature of the fabric. It was then gathered and sewn to the waistband of the bodice.

Every edge and seam was finished with my overlocker.

Because the fabric was sheer, I brought a slip from the secondhand store to wear underneath. I then had this genius idea that I could wear slips of different colours to give it a different vibe, so with that, instead of sewing the waist ties directly to the dress I hand crocheted some loops in the back so you could swap the velvet ribbons out depending on the slip colour underneath.

Overall, I was decently happy with how the dress turned out. As I suspected in the beginning, I’m slightly too booby for this design and it gaps open a bit much in the front. Something I could solve next time by putting back in the front seam. I would also add much more panels to the skirt section because as of now, it’s not quite as full as I would have liked.

Difficulty : *
Time : Should have taken a day max but I was being lazy so three.

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