Preparation Station | 29-01-2023

So Armageddon Expo announced an exciting new competition this week – The All Stars Competition – It has an interesting condition of entry which is if you’ve won an award in the open category before such as best in show, you can enter this one off competition. There are a limited number of entries and there will be check in dates for the builds which they’ll use progress photos of to build hype for the competition. And one major difference, the costume has to be fully completed 2 weeks before the convention date.

Needless to say, I am intrigued.

I finally got around to finishing another tarot card in the Disney set I’m trying to create. I drew Ariel as the Queen of Cups using my favourite Ariel cosplayer – Traci Hines as a reference.

I brought some fabric this week to make Anna a matching Enid costume to go with my Rave’N Wednesday. I am predicting that this costume is going to take me a grand total of two hours to make from start to finish. Providing my machine handles the sequin fabric with no hiccups.

I know my sequin fabric isn’t an exact match but I honestly prefer the holographic look to the plain white of the actual dress. The wig is ordered as well and should be here any day now.

I’ve added a secret costume to my line up this year which I have spent the week HEAVILY researching fabrics and notions for. I’ve also been doing the same for Jupiter Jones and Gem from Tron Legacy, so not much to show there only a ‘I promise you’ll start seeing actual progress soon’.

Speaking of progress though, I’ve done quite a fair bit with my husbands Durmstrang dress robes. The jacket is practically done which only leaves the pants, belts and cape left.

Still not really sure how I’m going to tackle the belts, I’m thinking perhaps buying some from Kmart and altering.

I also finished my first project of the year, my pink Ariel Disneybound!

It turned out cute but I think I’ll be selling this one.

I finally finished a jumper I’d been working on for a friend as well.

We designed the whole thing together and I cut the Hogwarts part on my Cricut and hand painted on the Gryffindor stripes. Seeing it done, I really want to make a Beauxbatons style one for myself.

That’s it for this week. Next week I’m hoping to get the Durmstrang Robes done, which will be a whole week earlier than I had planned for so I may look at making a quick duvet dress or two as well to fill in time.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya’ll next week!

Kealy Ann x


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