Scoop Troop | 2019

Steve + Robin – Scoops Ahoy | Stranger Things

Made for : Auckland Armageddon Expo 2019

Background : For Auckland Armageddon this year, I decided I wanted to do a simple, comfortable yet instantly recognizable character and after binge watching Stranger Things third season, I knew no character would be a better fit than Steve and Robin in their Scoops Ahoy uniforms.
I was doubly sold on the idea when my friend Anna, said she wanted to do Eleven. And so our Scoop Troop for 2019 Auckland Armageddon came to be!

Things used :

  • McCall’s M7131
  • McCall’s M6973
  • Simplicity 8160
  • 5 meters navy blue suit wool
  • red bias tape in various widths
  • white bias tape in various widths
  • white and blue stripped knit
  • red and white stripped drill
  • white poly cotton
  • red poly cotton
  • silver studs
  • white felt
  • peach felt
  • navy felt
  • a cheap sailor hat


I did ‘um and ah’ over whether to buy or make the costumes myself. I would have been much simpler to have brought one of the many available costumes on the internet, but I never found ones that I was 100% happy with. Plus, I was worried about how well they would match each other. Especially considering they’re meant to be work uniforms.
So that cemented my decision to make them by hand. That way I could ensure the fabrics matched.

Hat : The hat was a cheap sailors hat that I purchased from a dollar store. For the ‘AHOY’ I found a reference of hat online and drew the letters out onto some felt using a chalk pen. I then cut them out and glued them in place on the hat using a fabric glue.

Ice-Cream Patches : I drew an ice-cream shape on some paper and used that as a pattern which I transferred to felt. I did decorative stitching along the cone using a straight stitch in a criss-cross pattern. I then basted them in place on the uniforms and sewed around the edges using a tight satin stitch.

Name Tags : These were made for me by my friend @zubkittycreates.


Wig/Hair : I did originally buy a dark brown lacefront wig for Cameron to use which Anna cut for me. I styled it and I just wasn’t happy with how it was looking. Cameron wore it for all of 20 minutes to the first day of the convention and then took it off because it was too tight. The second day I used some of Anna’s root touch up spray that she was using on her own hair for Eleven and sprayed Cameron’s entire head and styled it ala Steve as best I could. It was much more comfortable this way.

Shirt : I used Simplicity 8160 to make the shirt. I altered it to fit a man’s chest basically by just taking out the bust darts. I added bias tape along the hem of the shirt and sleeves and along the edge of the sailor collar.
The neck tie was made from a piece of poly cotton also using the tie pattern that came with the Simplicity pattern. It was sewn in place on the shirt.
The undershirt was a triangle piece of red and white stripped drill that was cut in a triangle shape and sewn in the opening of the neck line of the sailor shirt.

Shorts : Made using McCall’s M6973. I added white bias tape above the hem.


Shirt : Robin’s Shirt. I sacrificed an old T-shirt that fit well and made a pattern from that. The blue and white stripe fabric for Robins shirt proved difficult to find. I couldn’t find anything in the right colour or if I could, it wasn’t a stretch fabric. Finally, by chance, I found some at an emporium down the road from my home. It wasn’t the right width, but I ran out of time to find anything better. I used Simplicity 8160 for the sleeves.
The collar was also made using an altered version of the one from Simplicity 8160. It was altered to be smaller and triangular in the front and shorter in the back.

Vest : Using what was left of the cut-up T-shirt, I kinda guessed at where and how the vest should sit.

Shorts : I used McCall’s M7131 for the shorts. I added bias tape along the edge of the pocket opening and then evenly place studs along it. I also added bias tape above the hem.

Shoes : I brought a pair of cheap fake low cut Converse from Kmart. Anna and I then decorated one each with sharpies. Mine had a lot of Mighty Boosh references.

Betty Cooper – River Vixen
Jughead Jones
Betty Cooper – Dream
Jughead Jones – Dream

Difficulty : **. Only thing that was really difficult was altering the shirt pattern for Steve
Time : A week on and off


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