Disney Upcycled Sheet Dresses | New Look 6393

Things Used

  • 2x Second hand Disney sheet sets.
  • New Look Pattern 6393
  • Matching 14″ zippers (I used light blue and a yellow)
  • Matching thread of choice (I used a white and tan)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Unpicker
  • Pins

Something I quite enjoy doing is cruising second hand stores and checking out their linen sections. It’s quite often that I come across a vintage novelty print of some sort. And sheets, as it seems, are perfect sizes of fabric for upcycling in to dresses!
This particular visit, I happened upon two Disney sheet sets that appeared to be in brand new, never used condition.
I thought they’d be perfect to use with a new pattern I’d brought – New Look 6393.

Overall, it was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I didn’t have any difficulties with it at all.
One thing I did change though, was lining the bodice. This was done by cutting two sets of bodice pieces and using one for a lining.

Although the blue sheet was my favourite of the two patterns when I’d brought them, I think the cream dress turned out to be my favourite as a finished garment. I liked the way I tried to patter match for the bodice. Something I’d wish I’d thought to do for the blue one too.

A fun thing I do when upcycling sheets and duvets, is I try to sew the original care tags in to the seam of the new garment.

If you like either of these dresses, they are both for sale in my store!


Styled with ~

Difficulty : *
Time : 2 hours
Cost : $

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