Mrs Lovett | 2009

Mrs Lovett – Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Made for : My Highschool Ball

Awards : Cutest Couple – Pompallier College Ball 2009

Background : The film had just come out and I was OBSESSED. It didn’t matter that my balls theme was ‘Monte Carlo’ because Twilight had just come out. I wanted to be a spooky Tim Burton character for the night.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 3809
  • Red lace
  • Black lace
  • Black floral stretch net
  • Brown satin
  • Floral net
  • Red bias tape
  • Black satin


Hair : I actually dyed my hair this dreadful shade of morange to be more authentic. I lived with this hair colour in real life for like two weeks leading up to my ball. On the day of the ball, I had a hairdresser do it up for me.

Makeup : My friends mum did both mine and my dates makeup. I had yet to learn the mystery art form.

Dress : The dress was made in two separate parts, the top and the skirt. I was still yet to learn how to sew, however this time I contributed by cutting the pattern pieces.
The blouse was made from a paisley printed stretch net. I think the blouse pattern from 3809 was followed pretty closely using view B. The only thing done differently was that a bunch of long, black lace was added to the hem of the sleeve.
The skirt was made using the pattern for view A. Though I don’t think we had purchased enough yardage so some panels had to be dropped.
There were two layers, a brown satin with a black floral net over top.
Mum and my Godmother figured out the tiered layers in the back which were all trimmed in red bias tape.
The red lace trim around the neck line was sewn to a corset that I wore under the top. A matching black trim was then sewn to the neckline of the blouse.

Corset : My Mum and Godmother drafted the pattern for the outer corset themselves. It was made from black satin. It was also my first time learning about boning and why it’s used (for structure). Left over red bias was used to lace it up in the back.

Accessories : My finger-less gloves were purchased from Supre. I totally lucked out with them being the perfect black floral lace.
Although you cant see them in any of my photos, I also had an amazing pair of lace-up Victorian style boots which I laced with a red ribbon.

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