Padme | 2010

Padme – Picnic Gown | Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

Made for : Auckland Armageddon Expo 2010

Background : For what ever reason, I had a deep love for the teaser poster for Attack of the Clones (see below). It just spoke to my teenage angst heart. So I decided I wanted to try my hand at recreating it for Armageddon that year.

Attack of the Clones teaser poster.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 3809
  • Simplicity 2890
  • yellow chiffon
  • yellow satin
  • gold embroidered satin
  • interfacing
  • green ribbon
  • yellow ribbon
  • pink ribbon
  • green organza ribbon
  • pink rose rosettes
  • iridescent flower sequins


Headband : I used a piece of green organza ribbon that had gold trim along the edges. I wrapped it around my head to get the size and I think I glued it together in the back. I then glued some of the pink roses in groups of twos and threes around it.

Hair : My friend Anna did my hair for me. She put a half-head of extensions in the back which she curled to blend in with my natural hair. The three buns were done, one at the back of my head and two over each of my ears. The buns covered the headband. The two buns on the side then had bun covers put over them and finally, some of the pinky, green and yellow ribbons were pinned in the back.
The bun covers were black ones that I found and then spray-painted gold.

Dress : The dress was made in two parts using view A from Simplicity 3809. Yellow satin was used as the base layer with the yellow chiffon over top.
The elastic was left out of the middle portions of the sleeves and instead were wrapped with lengths of the yellow, green and pink ribbons starting at the elbow to hold them in place.
Finally, I glued a bunch of the flower sequins randomly all over the chiffon.

Corset : Simplicity 2890 was used to create the corset. This was the first thing I had ever sewn entirely by myself and you can definitely tell. The fit was all off because I didn’t really understand how or what seam allowances were.
I omitted the the front closure and added hook and eye tape in the back instead.
It was made using a really pretty gold embroidered satin that I backed with interfacing. I also sewed plastic boning directly to the inside layer (0\10 do not recommend).
It was then finished by added some of the pink rosettes on the front.

Shoes : Plain white ballet flats that were purchased from Number 1 Shoes.

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