Tinkerbell | 2014

Tinkerbell | Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2014

Awards : Technical Award – Wellington Armageddon Expo 2014

Background : Peter Pan is my all time favourite book and while I love the 2003 live action film, I never particularly cared for Disney’s 1950s version. I do however love the Disney Tinkerbell, and I think she’s transcended beyond that film and is now as much as an icon for Disney as Mickey is himself.
Anyway, I wanted to do her for Wellington that year but Wellington is freezing and wet and windy. So I opted to do her outfit she wears in the Lost Treasure film to add some layers and hopefully some warmth. I still froze.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 5006
  • Kwik Sew K3052
  • green quilting cotton
  • sage green spandex
  • olive faux suede
  • sage faux suede
  • green felt
  • green cotton
  • iridescent cellophane
  • welding rods
  • hot glue
  • red feather
  • acrylic paint
  • eyelash wool
  • leather thonging
  • blonde wig
  • pale blonde Derek Arda wig with matching bun

Hat : I drew a leaf shape in a curve that was a bit wider than my head. I added hot-glue to mimic the leaf veins and painted it using acrylic paint. I then cut some slits on the side so I could thread through the red feather. I’m not sure how the hat joined together but I have a feeling it was hot glued. It attached to my wig using bobby pins to hold it in place.

Wigs : For wig number one, I styled the wig I had used previously for my Fleur costume. This was my first proper go at full on wig styling and well….. you can see for yourself. I back-combed the fringe and tried shaping it in to points using PVA glue. The rest of the wefts were piled on top of the head and shaped in to a make-shift bun.

Cape : This was a bit of green fabric that I sort of wrapped around my shoulders in a sad attempt at being a leaf shaped cape and it shows. I painted some leaf veins on with acrylic paint. The morning of the convention I realized I hadn’t put the wooden toggle bit on so I went out in to my friends yard that I was staying at and picked up a random bit of foliage and used that.

Dress : I used the corset part of Simplicity 5006 as the base. I made it from black cotton stabilized with interfacing and boning. I added a lace-up corset back.
I cut a bunch of leaf shapes from a green quilting cotton and added veins using hot glue and acrylic paint. I attached them to the corset by first wrapping my entire body in glad wrap and then spraying the corset with Ados spray glue and promptly sticking the leaves in place.
One leaf was left loose so I could pin it in place on the back to cover the corset lacing.

Wings : My dad helped me make these. I drew the design I wanted, life-size on to a piece of cardboard. Dad then made the frame for each wing using welding rods. They were connected together in the middle in a ‘U’ shape which could be tucked into the back of the dress.
Once the frame was done, I covered the wings in an iridescent cellophane using Ados spray glue again. I made sure to coat them with a generous amount of glitter as well.

Bodysuit : Made using Kwik Sew K3052. I made it from a light green spandex which I painted veins on using acrylic paint. I cut the neckline and the sleeves hems jagged to mimic the look of a leafs edge.

Belt : I found a really neat looking dark green knit that I sewed in to a tube. I cut the tube in to three even pieces which I then threaded three pieces of pvc pipe in. The three pieces were then braided together and tied in a knot to form a belt.

Hammer : My dad made this for me out of wood and leather thonging.

Boots and Shoes : The boots were made by cutting two layers of faux suede from olive and grey into leaf shapes and tying them in to place around my feet and calves using leather thonging. I sewed leather pads to the soles for grip.
The pom-poms for both shoes were made using eyelash wool in white and cream blended together and sewed in to place in the toes of each.

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