Cartoon Nostalgia Shirts | McCall’s 6613

Mr Sparkle is disrespectful of dirt.

Background : This isn’t the first time I’ve used this pattern and honestly, it’s quickly become one of my favourite. My husband is a huge fan of novelty print shirts so every now and again, he comes with me to the fabric store and picks a print for his next shirt.

Things used :

  • McCall’s 6613
  • 2 meters of fabric of choice
  • interfacing
  • buttons
  • matching thread


I love this pattern! It’s so simple to use and it comes with a few different options for sleeves, pockets and the bottom hem of the shirt. I’ve made almost every variety now and I think that view A is my favourite. That’s what these three have been made with.

The pattern itself is easy to follow and put together. I’d say it’s suitable for anyone who is familiar with making a shirt but not a complete beginner. Purely because there are some tricky parts when it comes to sewing in the collar and button panels and some hand sewing which may be confusing for beginner sewers. There are also options to adjust the size and fit unique to the wearer.

It’s become a tradition for my husband to pick out a fabric he likes each time he comes to the fabric store with me. The ones I’ve used here are all 100% cottons and are such a breeze to work with.

Something that I really like, is that for the AHHHHH! Real Monsters shirt, we decided to use sew on googly eyes for the buttons and I think it’s adorable.

Difficulty : **
Time : 4 hours


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