Officer Jenny | 2015

Officer Jenny | Pokemon

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2015

Background : Sophia and I decided to do matching costumes this year. Ironically, we never took proper photos together.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 1425
  • New Look 6053
  • royal blue poly cotton
  • cerulean blue poly cotton
  • red poly cotton
  • red bias tape
  • black webbing (2 different widths)
  • 2 off gold belt buckles to match the widths of the webbing
  • 2 small gold buttons
  • 2 large gold buttons
  • 1 gold decorative shape button
  • dollar store police hat
  • buckram
  • millinery wire
  • wide black ribbon


Hat : I had recently learned how to work with buckram for hat making thanks to my USO girl costume. I measured how large I wanted the hat to be and cut a rectangle from the buckram, with an extra inch added, to that size. Using PVA glue, I glued the extra inch to the start of the rectangle, overlapping it and creating a circle. I then cut two lengths of millinery wire to the circles circumference and hand stitched them in place along the the top and bottom edges of the cylinder. I then cut a flat circle that was the circumference of the cylinder plus 1 inch from some more buckram. I cut little tabs in to the edge (one inch) of the circle and then placed it on top of the cylinder. With more PVA, I glued the tabs down. Once the glue had dried, I stitched the top of the hat in place.
Next I stole the brim of a cheap police hat I had found at the dollar store and sewed it along the bottom edge of the hat.
Using the same method of cutting a rectangle and circle, I cut these shapes from the royal blue poly cotton. I sewed the circle in place first and then the rectangle over top. I did add extra width tho the rectangle so the bottom edge could be folded under and inside the hat. The extra inch of the rectangle folded in on itself in the back and whipped stitched it in place creating a nice seam.
I sewed red bias tape along the top edge of the hat making sure that it covered the seam of where the circle joined the rectangle.
I glued a black ribbon on the bottom front edge the length of the visor and put a gold button on either end of the ribbon.
I also glue a gold star button (which had the back shank sanded off) to the center front of the hat.

Wig : Sophia and I got matching green/teal wigs from eBay. They were generic anime wigs. She came up with the idea of tying them in two ponytails in the back and then back combing all the curls to create two distinct puffs. She then helped me with the styling of the anime fringe using lots of Got2Be to hold it in place.

Shirt : The shirts were made using Simplicity 1425 for the most part. I measured a triangle shape on the front and back where I wanted the cerulean colour to sit and added it by top-stitching it in place.
Fake pockets were added on the front by making pocket flaps in a shape that looked right and sewing them in place. A gold button that was the same as the one on the hat but smaller was then sewn on top of the flaps.
The sleeves were taken from another pattern (sorry I don’t remember which one) and added to the top. Red bias was added to the sleeve hem and collars edge.

Skirt : Made using New Look 6035 from poly cotton same as the shirt. Nothing was altered.

Utility Belt : Made from two different widths of black webbing. A skinnier one was used for the part that goes over the shoulder and a gold skater belt closure was added in the center front. This made it adjustable so it could fit nice and snug.
The waist belt was also made the same was as the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap was sewn in to the waist belt at the front and back to keep it in place.
Soph and I thought it would be really funny to add a bunch of policey things to the belt so we picked up some stuff at the dollar store which included – a fake gun (because of that one banned episode), hand cuffs, a police baton, Poke repel (which was silly string that Soph made a label for), and some other items that we had laying around – actual walkie talkies, a torch, Pokeballs and some aviators.
We made little pouches and clips on the belt using black web fabric to hold all our goodies. We even made extra pouches for snacks and our phones.

Accessories : Soph and I wore matching black pumps from Number One Shoes and matching thick stockings (because we wore these costumes in winter in Wellington).
The gloves were made from two pairs brought at the dollar store. The cuff was made from the ‘sleeve’ part of one of the pairs, turned in to a tube, rolled down on itself and sewn to the other glove.

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