Peter Rabbit Sundress | Advance 9077 – Butterick B6530

The inspiration

Background : I found this Peter Rabbit sheet set at a thrift store years ago. It was adorable and gingham and I had no idea what to do with it at the time so I held on to it. Fast forward to the start of this year and I rediscovered this photo of Marilyn Monroe in her gorgeous light blue, polka dot dress and it hit me, this is what my Peter Rabbit sheets needed to become!

Things used :

  • Advance 9077
  • Butterick B6530
  • Peter Rabbit sheet set
  • white pipping cord
  • white bias tape
  • 1 matching invisible zip


Something I do quite often when it comes to replicating vintage dresses or costumes, is splice multiple patterns together. I’m just lucky this time I only needed to work with two.

I always find it easier splicing patterns together for a dress because usually I’m taking the top half from one and the skirt part from another which is exactly what I did here.

The bodice from Advance 9077 was perfect for this project, however it was missing the tiers in the skirt. That’s where Butterick B6530 comes in. It didn’t have the exact tiers but it was close enough for me, someone who didn’t really want to mess around drafting their own at the time.

Both patterns are super easy to follow (vintage patterns always are). And the Butterick skirt fit nicely to the Advance top with the help of a little gathering at the waist.

The trickiest part was sewing in the white piping in-between most of the seams. I also had to make the piping myself because my local sewing store was out of white. The skirt seams were fine it was around the bust and the fitting in of the straps that were tricky.

If I were to make this again, which is very likely, I’d adding support to the top in the way of boning (the pattern didn’t call for it which is why I didn’t for this one). It would add structure to the top and prevent it from folding in odd places. I’d also add an extra tier to the top of the skirt, to break up the wide waistband.

Difficulty : **
Time : 4 hours


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