Daenerys Targaryean | 2015

Daenerys Targaryean – Wedding Gown | Game of Thrones

Background : Back when I very first started taking on commissions, I had someone inquire as to whether I could make Daenerys wedding gown for less than $100. Challenge accepted.

Things used :

  • mystery beige/grey fabric
  • silver ribbon
  • black ribbon
  • silver and black ribbon
  • elastic
  • dragonhead brooch
  • belt buckle


As I said before, I was asked to commission this dress for $100 which meant I had to be very frugal with my fabric choices. Luckily at my local emporium store, I came across this grey/beige sheer fabric in the curtaining section and it was all of $2 a meter. I grabbed several meters of it and some ribbons that I’d use in place of the metal braid for the armbands and halter neck.

Dress : The dress was made similarly to the Qarth gown that I had previously made as in it was a bunch of rectangles. I had one in the front and one in the back. The back one I added a length of elastic along the top so it would sit snug to the body. The front piece I draped on the dress from and added two long and thin rectangles of fabric to either side of the bust. These two lengths wrapped around the body and tied in the back, cinching in the waist and crossing over each other at the bust. At the point where they crossed in the middle, I added a round belt buckle for them to go through and then the dragon pin in behind it.
The armbands and halter strap were made from three layers of ribbon, silver, black and then the silver and black one. I made the brooches on the armbands from left over worbla with a layer of lace for texture and some beads, these were spray painted silver and attached to the armbands. A rectangle length of leftover dress fabric was gathered and sewn to each armband.

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