Queenie Goldstein | 2018

Queenie Goldstein | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Made for : Trip to Universal Studios Orlando in 2017

Background : Although I made this costume for my trip to Universal Studios in 2017, I didn’t end up taking it with me. I remembered not having it finished in time and then I forgot about it entirely. It wasn’t until I moved house a year later that I rediscovered it when I unpacked my sewing things and it was a completely finished costume. So, I have no idea why it never came with me to the trip to Universal or how it was finished. I decided to wear it to the Auckland Armageddon Expo in 2018 because hey, one less costume to make right?

Things used :

  • Burda 6686
  • dark blue crepe
  • peach satin
  • oyster soft tulle
  • Hot Topic licensed Queenie coat replica


Hair : At the time I wore this cosplay, I had short golden blonde hair. I styled it in pin curls which I set the night before with a setting spray. Once dry the next morning, I brushed them out and styled it best I could. I used hairspray to keep the curls in place, though it wasn’t my usual hairspray and the curls ended up dropping quite a bit over the day.

Dress : This was one of my very first, entirely self drafted from nothing costumes! I started by draping old pattern paper on my dress form and pining it to the desired shape. I made several mock ups from this to get the fit absolutely perfect.

I made the final dress from some sheer dark blue crepe. I finished all the seams using pinking shears which was a detail I noticed on the original from the reference photos. I did initially have the two shoulder spaghetti straps attached to a layer of skin coloured tulle that kept them sitting in the right positions (which you can see in the progress photos below), however, when I rediscovered this after moving, the tulle had been removed and I couldn’t be bothered adding it back in. I wish I had though as the straps wouldn’t have bunched up in my bust.

Slip : Made using Burda 6686 from a peach satin. Like the dress, I finished the seams with pinking shears and I used a metal toothed zip for the closure

Accessories : The coat was purchased from Hot Topic. The wand was a replica from The Noble Collection. The shoes and stockings were ones I already owned. The shoes were my Babydoll ones. The stockings were skin-coloured fishnets.

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