Sailor Jupiter | 2015

Sailor Jupiter – Rave | Sailor Moon

Made for : Auckland Cosplay Rave 2015

Background : Oh how I miss the Cosplay Raves. They were so much fun! My friend Sophia wanted to do matching costumes so she organised a Sailor Moon group. I chose to do Jupiter because she’s my favourite colours, pink and green.

Things used :

  • Sailor Jupiter swim suit from eBay
  • white bra
  • pink bead necklace
  • white bead necklace
  • pink tulle skirt
  • green tulle skirt
  • pink and green fairy lights
  • white gloves
  • gold head chain


Top : Soph and I took the collar and bows and collar off of the eBay swim suit and sewed them on to matching white bras because we wanted to look exactly the same. We then decorated them with matching bead colours that were tacked on to the bras.

Skirt : I layered two different coloured tulle skirts, one pink and one green, on top of each other. In-between the two layers I tacked in some battery operated fairy lights in matching colours.

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