Sweet Pea | 2013

Sweet Pea | Sucker Punch

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2013

Background : I lost my mind about a month out from this convention and desperately wanted to do a girls of Sucker Punch group. So I took it upon myself to make all of the costumes.

Things used :

  • Butterick B4929
  • faux leather fabric
  • a million eyelets
  • eva foam


Coat : I used Butterick B4929 as a base and HEAVILY modified it. I left off the collar and one sleeve. The one sleeve that did get attached was cut to just below the elbow. Cut the neckline and front few panels so they curved and tapered out to points in the back. Added eyelets into the back center seam and front center seam. These now closed by lacing together. I added a hood to the back and finished every seam with a contrasting off white top-stitch.

At one part I attempted to weather the stiff pleather I had brought to try an soften it a little. One of the ways I tried to do this was by throwing it in a salt water pool for a couple of days. It did absolutely nothing.

The shoulder pauldron was made from eva foam and painted silver. I don’t remember how it attached to the shoulder.

Harness : Made from EVA foam. I eyeballed the shape, covered it in a layer of fabric, hot glued a trim around the edge and then sewed webbing and clips so that it functioned.

Weapons : Made by my dad from wood.

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