Moving right along | 5-02-2023

This week I finished the jacket part of the Durmstrang dress robes that I’m currently working on. Beyond happy with how it’s coming together so far.

I also attempted to dye the faux fur that I had brought for the cape but the dye barely took at all. Turns out I wasn’t using anywhere near enough dye so I had to order three bottles of the stuff. Hopefully it should be here Tuesday and I can try it again.

Had a quick opshop trip yesterday and found a few things. Six vintage patterns, mostly 60s and 70s. The cool thing about them is that they are actually all in my size for once. This is a super rare occurrence.

The other things I picked up were a wide black waist belt, which I plan to use for the Wednesday Addams dress I’m starting soon. And some unassuming doilies which will eventually be dyed red and used for an upcoming costume which I haven’t announced yet. These I’m particularly stoked about because the design in them is PERFECT. You’ll see what I mean eventually!

Next week I’m hoping to get the Durmstrang costume finished, all I have left to do is the cape and pants, and Enid done as well as she only needs the fur trim added to the neckline. This means I will have finished my Durmstrang project a whole week early than I had planned for so I see some duvet dresses being made in the near future!

Thanks for reading and I see you all next week.

Kealy Ann x

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