Why does it always rain on me? | 12-02-2023

I had a photo shoot planned with Anna today. We were going to shoot my newly finished Durmstrang dress robes along with my Yule ball Hermione, but oh no, a cyclone had to hit overnight. Thankfully the weather is not too bad but it does mean I’ll have to postpone my making of video until it clears up and I can get the final footage for it.

Anyway, here’s some photos I took on the mannequin earlier in the week when it was dry.

The fur that is currently on the cape I will be switching out for a more accurate pile soon. This one didn’t take to the dye as well as I would have liked. But other than that, it’s done!

I made a Pokemon bow tie for a friend’s nephew to wear to their wedding. I used this tutorial *click here*with some slight modifications to the seam allowances. It was a neat way to use up scrap pieces that probably would have ended up in the bin otherwise.

And finally, I ordered the fabric to make Wednesday’s Rave’N dress and purchased a pattern by Lunneth cosplay to make it with. I’m so excited to use the pattern because it’s going to save me so much time not having to draft it myself now.

Not really sure what I’ll be up to this week as I finished work on the Durmstrang robes a whole week earlier than I anticipated and I’m waiting on fabric to arrive for my other planned costumes. I may see if I can knock out a few duvet dresses, who knows?

Stay tuned to find out!

Kealy Ann x

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