Waiting… 19-02-2023

After finishing my Durmstrang robes last week we got hit bit a cyclone the day we were meant to go out and shoot them with Anna. So naturally, that has now been postponed until Anna, Cam and I are all free on the same day again. Luckily though we got through pretty much unscathed apart from a few broken tree limbs and missing back gate door.

I’ve done a lot of fabric ordering this week for upcoming costumes – ribbon, mesh and leather cord for Rapunzel, silk organza for Wednesday, some ribbing for a Pokemon jacket I was hoping to make this week until I walked into Spotlight and saw the ridiculous price they had on theirs, and some crystals and beads for that secret project that hopefully I’ll be able to announce this week. The only bummer thing about ordering fabric online is the waiting for it to arrive part.

This meant that I started on Katniss this week just for something to do. I’ve been using the same pattern that I used for my Margaery Tyrell wedding dress that I made in 2015, as a base. I’ve gotten to the point were I’m about to cobble together the skirt panels in to the bodice to create a seamless dress. I’m quite happy with how it’s coming together so far and can’t wait to cut in to the actual fabrics.

Next week will be more work on Katniss, maybe even Peeta and hopefully all my fabrics will arrive shortly so I can get stuck in to those projects as well. I’d hate to have to rush them all because the supplies take forever to arrive but we’ll see.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Kealy Ann x

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