Rocket | 2013

Rocket | Sucker Punch

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2013

Background : A complete Sucker Punch girl’s group has always been one of my dreams so about a month before con I took it upon myself to make all of them and force my friends to join me! Originally this costume was made for my friend Anna, but she ended up having to work the day of so I roped another cosplayer in to wearing it.

And it got lost after the convention which really bummed me out as I really loved the props that were made for it.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 1799
  • Simplicity 5006
  • grey cotton
  • lots of black webbing in different widths
  • large chunky black metal zip
  • grommets
  • grey spandex
  • red laces
  • black faux leather


Hat : Made using the same grey fabric as the dress. I made it using a nurses hat pattern which I think I found online somewhere. It was stiffened with an interfacing and I edge stitched it using a contrasting white thread.

Wig : Just a plain strawberry blonde wig I had so much fun styling the spikes in the front. I did this with small amounts of hair putty.

Dress : I used Simplicity 1799 as the base. It looks pretty unaltered from what I can tell. Just shortened and white contrasting top thread used.

The gloves, harness and front cross panel were all eye-balled until they looked right. Really wish I had added an interfacing to the cross panel to stop it from flapping over.

Corset : Same grey cotton as everything else. Simplicity 5006 was used as the base with the top half of it cut off so it would just be a waist corset.

Boots : Eyeballed just like the harness. Made from a gray spandex with a faux leather added to where the lace eyelets would go.

Weapons : Guns were toy guns that I added apoxie to, sanded until they looked right and painted. My dad made the knife from wood.

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