Hey now, you’re an all star! | 5-02-2023

I’m sorry I missed last weekend but that’s because I was waiting for something really neato to be announced before I updated on here. You may have remembered me talking about the All Stars contest that Armageddon would be holding at the Auckland expo this October… Well, guess who got selected to be one of the competitors?

Surprise, it’s me! I will FINALLY be making Padme’s Throne Room/Red Invasion gown from Episode I. This has been a dream of mine since I started making costumes all those years ago. I’m so excited to tackle it and to dip my toes back in to competing again.

With that out of the way, let me catch you up with what I’ve been up too these last two weeks.

I did a photo shoot with Anna and Camera for my finished Durmstrang robes. We managed to find a really neat place to shoot in which made an okay stand in for some Hogwarts-esque greart hall shots. It was the Grand Hotel in the town center. One of the only old/historic buildings left in town.

I managed to finish three projects, the first of which was a quick duvet dress. I made a Pokemon dress using McCall’s M8108. I could have finished this in a day if I didn’t keep distracting myself with other things like trips to Spotlight etc.

The other two projects I finished were the Rave’N dresses worn by Wednesday and Enid. I haven’t got around to shooting them yet, an I haven’t to a finished photo of Wednesday to show but they are both completed.

I’m looking forward to getting to wear these both but honestly have no idea when/where that will be.

I also got V2 of Katniss’ mockup done. I’m happy with the shape changes and I think the next step will be starting on the real fabric. I’m so nervous about cutting it because it wasn’t cheap,

So obviously this coming week will be all about starting to put the final version of Katniss together. If I get her done early enough I may also get started on drafting Peeta’s getup too.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya’ll next Sunday.

Kealy Ann x


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