PokéJacket | Simplicity 8418

Things used :

  • vintage Pokémon comforter
  • Simplicity 8418
  • 2m of blue ribbing
  • 22 inch zip
  • scraps left over from Pokémon dress


I brought this pattern to eventually make a Harley Quinn Daddy’s little monster jacket with in the future and I though I’d give it a test run first. I recently brought this Pokemon comforter by accident, see I thought it was a duvet cover but it was actually a quilted blanket.

When it arrived I kinda just threw it in my stash not knowing what to do with it and not being able to use it as a blanket as it had a rather large tear on one side. Then I saw a TikTok where someone turned a sleeping bag into a winter jacket which I thought would work perfectly for this!

I started by unpicking the quilting and separating the two blanket halves leaving the batting attached to one side. With the batting attached side, I cut the pattern pieces out strategically as I knew I wanted the big Pikachu to be the center back design and the Snorlax and Gengar on the front somewhere, (they were my favourite of the large coloured Pokemon).

The pattern starts by sewing the pockets in first. For the pockets I used left over bits of scrap from the PokeDress I had made earlier, I also had enough left to line the whole thing with. Then it’s really straightforward, sew the sides up attaching the back, making the sleeves. Though with the sleeves, I sewed the cuffs in before attaching them to the jacket, I thought it would be easier as you’d be putting less bulk through the machine.And finally attaching all the ribbing.

I only had issues attaching the waistband ribbing and that was because the pattern called for a folded over length of it and mine wasn’t. So that made sewing the little squares in the bottom front difficult. But I managed!

The most confusing part for sure was after I had sewn the lining in, leaving a little gap in one side and pulling the sleeves through it to sew the lining together at the wrists. I did the first one perfectly and then the second one ended up all twisted. After unpicking and trying again I got it right.

From start to finish, this project took four hours to put together and that includes cutting time as well. Safe to say, I will definitely be using it to make Harley’s jacket in the future.

Difficulty :** 
Time : 4 hours


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