Pokédress | McCall’s M8108

Things used :

  • McCall’s M8108
  • 1x vintage Pokemon sheet – single
  • off cuts of a white cotton sheet
  • off cut of white interfacing
  • 16 inch zip white


This was one of those patterns that I brought during a three for $20 sale because I needed one more to get the deal and it was cute enough. I’ve never been a fan of the high under bust waistline so I never even thought I’d use it. Cue this particular bedsheet….

I had no idea what style of dress to turn it in to so I browsed through my vast pattern collection and this was the one that spoke to me most. I think it was the sleeves. I’m a sucker for poofy 80s style sleeves at the moment, and that lead to making view B.

This dress was incredibly easy to put together and the pattern instructions are straight forward, well written and easy to follow. I love that about a pattern. I only struggled once with attaching the lining after sewing the sleeves in. It was a complicated shape to sew around because I had sewn the sleeves down. I managed it though, but next time I wouldn’t sew the sleeves to the bodice first.

I added pockets because every good dress needs them, and one more alteration I’d make if I were to make this again would be to add much more fullness to the skirt. It’s a bit lacklustre for my tastes.

I was very surprised at how much I liked the final fit of the dress on me considering I usually don’t like this particular type of waistline. I will 100% be making more of this pattern in the future, with pockets and a fuller skirt of course.

Difficulty :  * Super easy. Very beginner friendly
Time : half a day


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