Videl | 2014

Videl | Dragonball Z

Made for : Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2014

Background : I was playing a lot of a DBZ fighting game on the Playstation around this time. I also wanted a comfy costume to wear to the picnic this time after having worn Babydoll the year before which wasn’t exactly picnic comfy.

Things used :

  • white shirt
  • black gloves
  • black yoga shorts

Wig : Borrowed from my friend Sophia. I tied it in two low pigtails.

Shirt : I brought a medium men’s shirt from Cotton On. My mum made me the badge and I sewed it on the bottom corner.

Gloves : I had a pair of vintage opera gloves that I cut the fingers off of and wore scrunched down around my wrists.

Shorts : Yoga shorts brought from Cotton On.

Shoes : I made a template by wrapping my feet in glad-wrap and then duct tape and drawing on the shape I wanted. I cut this out and used it as a pattern which I transferred to a light green polyester that I sandwiched over some batting. The toe caps were made from EVA foam and glued in place over the toes. I made them and then forgot to wear them to the picnic.

Cardcaptor Sakura – Red Dress | 2008
Sailor Jupiter – Rave | 2015
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Babydoll | 2011

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