Rapunzel | 2023

Rapunzel | Tangled

Made for : Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2023

Background : So there is the really cool photo op in Magic Kingdom where you can take a photo with one of the glowing lanterns from Tangled in the Tangled bathroom area of the park. Ever since I learned of its existence I thought it would be so cool to do it dressed as Flynn and Rapunzel. Thankfully adult’s are allowed to wear costumes in the park on party nights so I knew next time I were to attend one, I’d have to make the costumes for it

Things used :


  • Butterick B6179
  • 2.5m purple/pink colourshift taffeta : Thrifted
  • 2.5m white polycotton bedsheet : Thrifted
  • 1m Rapunzel skirt floral fabric by aimee cotton sateen : Spoonflower
  • .5m black iron on interfacing : Arthur’s Emporium
  • 7″ eggplant invisible zip : Spotlight
  • 4m white lace trim : Arthur’s Emporium


  • Rapunzel corset pattern by Scorpion Lair
  • 1m purple/pink colourshift taffeta : Thrifted
  • 2m pink cotton drill : Spotlight
  • 1m Rapunzel bodice floral fabric by aimee cotton sateen : Spoonflower
  • 3m spiral steel boning : NZ Corsetry
  • .5m flat steel boning : NZ Corsetry
  • 3m cotton twill tape : Arthur’s Emporium
  • 5m peach cotton bias tape : Arthur’s Emporium
  • 22 pink eyelets : Thrifted – Bra Cups : Spotlight


  • McCall’s M8108
  • 1m pinky purple cotton : Arthur’s Emporium
  • .5m peach mesh : Ali Express
  • 10m peach satin ribbon : Ali Express
  • 2m pink scallop lace : Arthur’s Emporium
  • 2m white scallop lace : Arthur’s Emporium
  • 10 pink shank buttons : Arthur’s Emporium


Skirt: The first part of this project I decided to tackle was the skirt. Purely because I had a store brought pattern that I could make it from without having to alter anything about it. This pattern was Butterick B6179.

I did debate whether or not to make the skirt a full circle skirt but after studying all my reference photos closer, I saw there were too many panels, and it wasn’t as full as a circle skirt would be.

I built two skirts at the same time, one from a white bedsheet and the second from a pink/purple shifting taffeta that I found at the thrift store, and a cotton sateen from Spoonflower. The white skirt I used as a mockup first, omitted the pockets, decided it was fine, added a gathered scalloped lace along the bottom edge and tacked it to the inside of the taffeta skirt so it would be a built-in petticoat.

For the taffeta skirt, I replaced the centre front panel with the Spoonflower fabric and lined it with a panel of the taffeta behind as it was stark white otherwise. Before I added the petticoat layer, I did a tight satin stitch along the sides and bottom edge of the taffeta parts.

After attaching the skirt to the petticoat, I added the waistband and back zip.

I really do love that this pattern already had pockets in it.

Corset: I made this using a free Rapunzel corset pattern by Scorpion Lair I found on DeviantArt.

Undershirt: I originally wanted to alter a pre-existing pattern for this part and that’s what I started doing and then it very quickly became far too over-complicated so I ended up drafting one from scratch using a vintage dressmaking book. It turned out perfect, fit’s me like a glove and peeks out from under the corset precisely where I needed it to.

Ariel – Green Dress | 2014
Ariel – Pink Dress | 2017
Tinkerbell | 2014
Cinderella | 2016


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